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Dian Malouf

Dian Malouf Jewelry is truly unique. Her designs are found in the high-end boutiques. Your selection can be ordered exclusively for you with your choice of turquoise, semi-precious stones, diamonds, and all sterling or with 14kt gold accents. Her Our Lady of Guadalupe collection is available in all sterling or with 14kt accents. Dian’s latest collection is her Longhorn Collection. If there is a design or stack ring that you are looking for we can help you - Contact Spur 4 M for more information and prices – spur@gvtc.com  or call 830-227-5146.

In honor of October and Breast Cancer Survivors -

Dallas based jewelry designer Dian Malouf says about her sterling silver, $76 GO GIRL ring: "I created the Go Girl ring as a special reminder for women to believe in themselves. The GO GIRL ring is a celebration of life's happy times: first job, promotion, graduation, marriage or new baby. When loss or illness occurs, the GO GIRL ring reminds us to hang in there, take charge, speak up and remind ourselves that we are our own best support system. So give yourself a hug and show life that you can GO GIRL!

So many women have taken the ring to heart, that they have created GO GIRL clubs, to support a friend going through cancer. Dian Malouf receives touching letters from women all over the nation sharing their stories of support, and the importance the Go Girl ring plays in bringing friends together during difficult times.

The ring is solid sterling silver, available in sizes 5-9 (and half sizes) and takes 4-6 weeks to make. The cost is $76 retail.

Sales from the Go Girl ring raised over $25,000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, to which part proceeds of the ring have been donated since 1998.

Current donation will be made from the sale of the Go Girl Ring to the Baylor Health Care Foundation to support breast cancer research.

Dian's latest designs for the Longhorn fan.

Dian captures the design of Our Lady of Guadalupe in stunning rings, pendants, earrings and a bracelet.





Dian Malouf
Our Lady of Guadalupe bracelet
sterling silver with edge of veil and cross
in 14kt gold - email or call for current price

Our Lady of Guadalupe Ring
(matches bracelet)
Ring - email or call for current price

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant
(matches ring and bracelet)
sterling with 14kt gold accents
email or call for current price

Dian Malouf Go Girl ring with a pair of pink topaz stack rings (also available in blue topaz, citrine, peridot, orange topaz)
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