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Precious Metal Clay & Metal Etching/Electroforming

Betty Munie is a Certified Precious Metal Clay Instructor. Betty was certified by Sherry Fotopoulos. She will be offering group and individual classes at Spur 4 M.

Contact Betty for dates, supplies and jewelry that will be created. If you want that exclusive one-of-a-kind jewelry item - this medium is for you.

What is Precious Metal Clay or PMC?

Originally developed in Japan during the 1990s, metal clay is basically a clay-like substance that when fired in a kiln or with a torch becomes dense like metal. Though most people use the fine silver form, metal clay is also available in 22K gold. Some jewelry makers consider this medium as an alternative for those who want to work with metal but not with a torch; others see this as just another resource for making "fine silver" (.999) jewelry.

There are different types of metal clay, such as lump, syringe, slip, and paper. The firing times differ depending on the formulas of each type of clay. The main difference you’ll find between the various types is the amount of metal mixed with the amount of organic material (which is burned out during the firing process).

PMC Bracelet
Fine Silver
w/ 22Kt Gold Accents

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