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The Munie’s have been breeding quality foundation bred AQHA/PHBA/IBHA/ABRA HORSES since 1967. They have specialized in horses with COLOR – buckskins, duns, grullas, red duns and palominos that will halter and ride. Their motto is: “Let the horse of your dreams come in color – OUR HORSES DO!”

For stallion pedigrees and breeding fees etc, - Contact Spur 4 M for more information and prices – 830-237-2668 or spur@gvtc.com


Spur 4 M has five wonderful Pembroke Welch Corgi – Foxy, Tex. Candy, Lillie and Cowboy. Look at our 2008 corgi puppies. Want BLING for your dog – let us order Kippy or BB Simon dog collars (available in all colors and sizes).

Diamond Lil and Rhinestone Cowboy

Spurs Princess Foxlinda (Foxy) and Spurs Texas Cowboy (Tex)

Left - Diamond Lil
Right - Rhinestone Cowboy

AKC Pembroke Corgi Puppies - For Sale
Born August 24, 2008
Please contact Betty for more information - spur@gvtc.com

Tex and Candie - proud parents of the puppies.
All of the puppies are sold.
Another litter may be on the way in
January with Foxy and Cowboy.




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